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I'On Family Dentistry | Composite Fillings in Mount Pleasant

I'On Family Dentistry

Eric C. Horecky, DMD
Natalie Zuffi, DDS
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Composite Fillings


Most of us know what it means to get a cavity. It’s something that we hope the dentist and hygienist don’t find when we come in for a check-up and cleaning. So what is a cavity and why do we have to have them filled? 

A cavity is essentially a bacterial infection of a tooth. It is caused by bacteria invading weakened enamel, creating a byproduct that continues to weaken the enamel and allowing the bacteria to invade the inner layer of the tooth called dentin. Once the bacteria crosses into the softer dentin it can grow quicker, and can eventually work its way into the nerve space of the tooth and cause severe pain.

So when a filling is done, we will remove the decayed tooth structure and the bacteria that caused it, and seal it up with a filling material. At I'On Family Dentistry we only use composite/resin material (tooth colored). Not only is it more aesthetically pleasing, it allows our doctors to remove the least amount of tooth structure possible. 

I'On Family Dentistry in Mount Pleasant SC
I'On Family Dentistry in Mount Pleasant SC
Mount Pleasant Dentist | Composite Fillings. Eric Horecky is a Mount Pleasant Dentist.